Is Nursing The Right Occupation For Me?

There are so many different directions that one could take when choosing a career.  Nurses are using drawn to the nursing profession because they enjoy the idea of serving others.  And what a great occupation it is for those that wish to serve!

Nurses are on the front lines of medical care and are dealing with patients all day long for the most part.

Nursing Can Be Stressful

Nursing can certainly be a stressful occupation.  It will also depend upon what area of nursing you select.  Working with children in a local doctor’s office will provide a vastly different working experience compared with being a trauma nurse in the emergency room at a hospital.

Most of the time, however, it will depend largely on the other people that you work with.  If you work with other great people then your time will most likely be a pleasant one and you will enjoy your work.  However, if you get in with a bad manager then your working hours may be a bit dreary at times.

Patients can also make the time quite stressful.  If you have ever been to the hospital yourself then you may have seen that there can be some quite unbearable people at times who are in the hospital for health reasons.  Some are in great pain and others are troubled in spirit.  Often times patients will take out their frustrations on the nurses (and sometimes the doctors just as much) and other times you will have wonderful and encouraging patients.  Sometimes you will be dealing at both at the same time.  This can produce its own stress for the nurses on duty.

Nursing Can Be Rewarding

Nursing is also a very rewarding profession, or at least it can be if you enjoy your work and derive satisfaction from it.  Yes, it can be difficult, and yes, it can be stressful, but the chance to help others is a great reward for most nurses.  At the end of the day you can have the satisfaction to know that you were able to help another human being and possibly even save a life.  This reward can go a long way.