Nursing School Requirements

Nursing School Requirements vary by state and by the university; however, there are basic requirements that must be met prior to enrolling in any Nursing School Program. The Undergraduate requirements for Nursing School are comparable to other requirements for college.

Nursing School Requirements Vary By State And By University/College

The first step is having a high school diploma or a GED, followed by completing and submitting an application to the University or Online Nursing School of your choice by the deadline for that particular school. Any pertinent transcripts should be included with your application. Make sure that you meet the GPA requirements. If financial aid is needed, you must also complete an application for FAFSA (Federal Student Aid) by the required deadline and apply for any other pertinent grants and/or scholarships through the University’s Financial Aid Department. When you have the opportunity to visit the campus, it is highly recommended, although some campuses do not have the means to have a consultation with all the students. Research the exams needed for entrance such as the SAT or Nursing School Entrance Examination and complete those within the timeframe required.

Nursing School Requirements Regarding Entrance Exams And Applications

Some helpful hints regarding the application for Nursing School include attending events relevant to the program such as seminars, an open house, informational assemblies and workshops. In addition to getting privileged information and tips, it is also a chance to encounter admissions personnel.  Meeting the required deadline for the application is essential as Nursing Schools determine your motivation and commitment to the program and your degree based on your ability to have a fully completed application postmarked within the timeframe required. Some schools only admit students on the main component of their application and students don’t get the prospect of an interview, therefore, it is crucial that you complete the entire application, including any essays and have it postmarked by the due date. Normally the majority of Nursing Schools desire for their students to have scores that are above average in the various areas of Science and Math.

PAX-RN Entrance Exam Nursing School Requirements

If the school you have chosen to attend requires an entrance exam for the Nursing program, some of the tests you may be required to take are the PAX-RN which is the pre-admission examination for RN pupils provided by the NLN (National League for Nursing), and is comprised of 3 main topics: math, verbal and science abilities; TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) which is comprised of 4 main topics: science, math, reading and English; NET (Nurse Entrance Test) quizzes applicants on 6 capacities: learning abilities, social collaboration, testing capabilities, reading, stress and math; HESI exam (Health Education Systems, Inc.) examination. Since Nursing School Requirements vary by state and University, research for your particular state and University are recommended to ensure you have met all the requirements necessary.