Three Of The Top Nursing Schools In Georgia

Nursing is one of the most respected professions of all and those attending nursing schools in Georgia are in for a treat with these universities.  And the medical community the nurses are potentially the most valuable part of a medical team.  Nurses provide round the clock care for patients in a multitude of different facilities.

The usual duty is to assist doctors with the care of patients and oftentimes nurses are known as the hardest working individuals on a medical staff.  In this article we are going to take a look at some of the different nursing schools in Georgia to find out which ones may be best for you as a potential nursing student, or as a nurse looking to continue your education.

University Of West Georgia Nursing Program

1) The University Of West Georgia – the University of West Georgia is one of the best nursing schools in all of the area.  It is known as a school that can help accommodate students with varying levels of speed and working conditions to help them learn best.  Both part time and fulltime study is available at the University of West Georgia.  Because it is one of the most respected of all nursing schools in Georgia it is one of the premier places that many nursing school students will choose to attend.

Georgia State University Nursing School

2) Georgia State University – Georgia State university is perhaps the most noted of all the university’s of the state and along the East Coast as well.  There are two types of nursing programs available to students.  There is an accelerated program that’s available to students who have already completed their core competencies and curriculum of the universe itself; and then there’s also a standard nursing program if you want to learn at a non dash accelerated pace.  Georgia State university was formed that in 1913.  There are about 30,000 students in attendance at any given time.  You’ll find the university campus in downtown Atlanta Georgia, making it the great city – based campus that thousands of students enjoy.

Emory University Research Institute And Nursing Program

3) Emory – Emory university is the third of the research institutes and nursing schools that we want to look out for the state of Georgia.  The focus of Emory university is strongly in the direction of research science and learning institutes for the medical community as a whole.  Emery university is also located and Atlanta and provides a wonderful opportunity for learning as a medical student or as a potential nurse.  There are 13 types of masters degrees and a standalone PhD degree that students might partake of.  Emory university has won a number of awards for its excellence in education and equipping students for success and their chosen medical career.  It is great place to attend school to become a nurse.

If you’re looking to study and the Georgia area and more specifically the Atlanta city area code and there are these three wonderful nursing schools and programs that are available to you as you complete your nursing degree, regardless of the speciality.  Do some research on each of the three websites for the schools and consider which might be the best one for you and your future nursing career.  The job opportunities and downtown Atlanta are bountiful and a nursing student would have no trouble finding internships with the assistance of their chosen university.

If you have attended one of these universities during your nursing career to make sure to share some feedback allow incomes to comment about your experience and about the professors and instructors say you had the opportunity to work with.  Make sure to share with others who may be considering the schools shouldn’t they can be well informed to make a great decision about choosing a nursing school program in Georgia.