Looking Back Over The Top Nursing Schools In 2011

If you are looking for the best nursing school that will suit your expectations, there are factors that you might want to consider before deciding where to enroll. It is not uncommon that nowadays there is a huge need for registered nurses, and with that, more and more incoming college students prefer to take up nursing course. There are many schools to choose from, but here are some tips to help you choose wisely.

Nursing Schools In The News For 2011

Johns Hopkins Nursing Department Is Regarded As One Of The Best Nursing Schools In the US

One factor to consider when enrolling is the reputation of the school. Top Nursing Schools in 2011 have been published in the news, and this is where you base your first criteria in choosing what nursing school to enroll at.

John Hopkins University ranked as one of the top ten, consistently. This university is very popular especially when it comes to nursing research, education and scholarship and has been the top recipients of nursing from the National Institutes of Health. Their mission which is to provide leadership to improve healthcare and advance the nursing profession through education, research, practice and service have been greatly manifested by their excellence in educating nurses to highest standards.

The University of Washington also ranked among the top nursing schools. The award-winning research, plus the innovative and technologically sophisticated curriculum, including their vital community partnerships locally and globally has made them America’s no. 1 nursing school for 25 years.

Something else to consider when enrolling to a Nursing School

The ranking of these schools undergo processes. Some of the criteria that are being studied before ranking of the schools are the number of students being accepted every year including the tuition fees and graduation rates. The ability of the school to produce highest-achieving students is also identified.

Another thing to consider when enrolling to a nursing school is the location as well as the size of the school.  Also determine the extent of how a student can maximize her learning through the clinical hands-on experience available. Identify how much experience you can get throughout the training; this is one reason to check also the clinical rotation program of the school.

License! One cannot practice and pursue on the goal of being a successful nurse unless registered. All nursing graduates take nursing licensure examination before being able to work as a nurse in different institutions. The passing rate of the school when it comes to board examinations also determines the reputation of the school.

These simple tips can help you decide where to go as you enter in college. Remember that your learning does not depend on the school itself but also to you, so it is good to research a little before finally deciding where to spend your college life. A good foundation from a fine nursing program will lead you to success in your career.