Top Undergraduate Nursing Schools

Students seeking to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in nursing at one of the Top Undergraduate Nursing Schools may consider the following options. The University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Boston College, the University of Washington School of Nursing, John Hopkins University School of Nursing and the University of Michigan School of Nursing.

The University of Pennsylvania has a traditional program for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Degree as well as an enhanced Bachelor’s program for nursing students that already have a degree in an alternative subject, plus they offer a combined program for BSN and Master of Science in Nursing. In addition, the University affords nursing majors a chance to complete rotations in well-known hospitals in the Philadelphia area, counting the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The school also works with other departments for those students seeking to obtain dual majors.

The Top Undergraduate Nursing Schools In The US Are Spread All Over The Country

Boston College’s William F. Connell School of Nursing has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program that combines nursing courses in child and adult healthcare along with psychiatric, maternity and community nursing. Junior year nursing students may choose to learn abroad. Choicenursing majors might qualify for research fellowship openings for undergraduates or may be admitted early into the nursing master’s program. Students graduating from Boston College’s nursing program for Registered Nurses (RNs) maintain a 95% passing percentage on the National Council Licensure Examination.

For over twenty years the University of Washington School of Nursing remains a top-ranked school of nursing. The undergraduate program of the school is highly competitive and gives emphasis on healthcare, critical thinking, therapeutics and human functioning and students seeking to attend this university should be prepared for an environment that is academically demanding.

Top Undergraduate Nursing Schools: Johns Hopkins University School Of Nursing

Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing placed second for their nursing programs in community health and is on the list at number five amongst other nursing schools that receive funding for research from the National Institute of Health. The university was also the first in the country to offer the undergraduate nursing Peace Corps Fellowship Program. Students benefit in training at the well-known Johns Hopkins Hospital and in clinical practicums due to the minimal student / faculty ratio.

Top Undergraduate Nursing Schools: University Of Michigan School Of Nursing

The University of Michigan School of Nursing is also a prominent recipient of funding for research given by the National Institutes of Health. The dedication to its pledge to innovative health practice, education and research has made the University of Michigan a top university. Due to these efforts, the university has been given accolades for its conspicuously excellent programs in the promotion of health by the World Health Organization. The courses for undergraduate students include subjects from the biological and social sciences and the humanities and students have the option to go through the highly respected and well-known University of Michigan Health System for completion of the clinical training.

These Top Undergraduate Nursing Schools all have programs designed to involve nursing students in critical thinking and to engage them with the latest in technology involving the care of patients.