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Benefits Of Joining A Nursing Organization

There’s a long list of nationally known U.S. nursing organizations. There are even several smaller groups for every nursing specialty. You may contact them for more information about your specialty, to find out about conferences and events, or to request access to their publications. It might disappoint you to know that not all privileges are … Continue reading

Advantages To Accredited Online Colleges

Today is the time of internet that makes life very fast. Accredited online colleges are the educational institutions and are duly authorized by government to proffer vast number of courses and degrees and award certificates. Nowadays a lot of numbers of universities and colleges provide online education in all over the world and a large … Continue reading

Nursing Schools To MD?

This controversial academic issue whether to allow nursing schools to MD or medical degrees has been the subject of varied academic discussions. Recently, this issue has been laid to rest and decided for and in the benefit of medical practitioners because many medical universities now allow nursing schools to MD, provided that the academic requirements … Continue reading