Transitioning Degrees With Online Registered Nursing Programs

The top three online registered nursing programs are offered through Kaplan University, South University and Jacksonville University. Kaplan University offers a program for RN to BNS degree which can be completed totally online.

The South University is an online accredited university offering a reputable nursing Bachelor’s degree and the course is entirely online. Jacksonville University offers a program for a nursing Bachelor’s degree that is self-paced and totally online. While these universities require no on campus classroom time, it’s important to remember that you must still complete your clinicals in person.

Transitioning From LPN to RN With Online Registered Nursing Programs

For nursing students seeking to transition from LPN to RN the LPN to RN Bridge Programs which are directed specially to LPNs who are presently practicing and want to be appropriately equipped for the NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Examination) is recommended.  These bridge programs have various advantages such as the preparation for the challenging NCLEX-RN Examination, the ability to increase their salary potential with an Associate’s Degree and, depending on the program chosen, some even enable nursing students to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing Degree. Students who choose the program for a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing Degree will be required to complete a longer online course; however, they will also significantly increase their salary potential beyond that of one in an LPN to RN Bridge Program.

LPN to RN Bridge Online Registered Nursing Programs

The LPN to RN Bridge Programs requires approximately two years of full time courses for completion. In some cases the university will allow students to test out of various courses or subjects or the school will allow previous credits in an effort to reduce this time.  Some universities even offer a fast track program in an effort to get students registered and ready to work as quickly as possible.

Although many universities and colleges offer distance learning, or online programs, not all of them offer LPN to RN programs. Indiana State University, Herzing University, The College Network, Kaplan University and Walden University are all accredited schools that offer the LPN to RN online programs, as well as various other bridge type programs.

Indiana State University offers an online LPN program for students wanting to obtain their BSN degree. The College Network offers various programs due to their partnership with many other organizations and universities, one of which is the National League for Nursing. The College Network offers students aid in preparing for the PN and RN licensures and preparation to obtain graduate degrees. Walden University offers Masters and Doctoral Programs typically, however, they also offer BSN programs and RN to MSN Bridge Programs as well. Kaplan University is a very well-known university online and offers RNs the option of obtaining either their BSN or their MSN degrees. Herzing University offers nurses currently employed a degree in undergraduate nursing for those desiring to pursue positions in leadership such as Management or Nurse Education.

With several programs for online registered nursing programs available, students seeking to advance their education will have plenty of options to choose from.