Exploring Top Nursing Programs In California

Over the past several years, the number of the students looking for the best nursing schools in the state of California had constantly been raised in number and the demand for practical nurses is predominant in nursing facilities, health care clinics, and hospital institutions. This serves as an avenue for a financial opportunity for people who has great interest in quest for a career in nursing and going to one of the leading accredited nursing institutions in the state of California.

Over the preceding years, the average salary for a registered nurse in the whole of the US is just approximately 2% higher than the national average for jobs posted on the state of California. Making California as competent in the field of job availability, quality, and hiring. 230 nursing institutions were identified in the said country and those who prefer to enter the nursing profession should have no trouble getting good and quality education. Also, in commencing in a career whether in practical nursing or in other academic degrees.

Top Nursing Programs In California For Privileged California Residents

UCLA Center Part Of The Top Nursing Programs In California

For the privileged California residents, a financial aid provided to a student on the basis of academic merit, or a scholarship is available through schools and universities, enterprises, health care installations, and other governing body or organization. Specific specializations in nursing like the scholarship for the California Emergency Nurses Association are also offered.

Wearing the right and proper uniform is not just the needed quality of a professional licensed nurse, for some of the top nursing institutions in the state have some requirements that one should meet before venturing into their nursing programs. These requirements include having a high school diploma and passing once of the college entrance examinations. Other than the above mentioned, having a higher or a higher than average GPA in high school, scoring high on the university/college entrance examinations, and taking part in extracurricular activities also heightens the chances for receiving these California nursing scholarships.

Before having your minds fixed in a particular nursing school, you should take into consideration some of the requisites that need to be met by the institution, and some of the factors that can aid you narrow down the best nursing institution for your necessities may include your home and family, localization, monetary resources, and vocational goals.

Choose The Nursing Schools In California That Are Best For YOU

The most beneficial nursing school for one may not be for the other, since each person has situations and goals that are different and unique. The chief decision is to see to it that the program you prefer is a licensed institution and is accredited, then make a comparison of several nursing schools that conform to the criteria.

The standards to be satisfied include that first, the institution must be accredited by the state of California. Second, the majority of its nursing graduates should pass the professional nursing licensure examination (NCLEX), especially on their preliminary endeavor. Lastly, the institution should have a well-disposed repute within the state of California. Setting standards can aid in comparing which school/s bids the best cost, value and career chances.

There are various respective nursing institutions that got national recognition for their nursing programs. Basing on a recent survey made by US News and the World Report, the state of California houses 7 of the top 100 nursing institutions in the said country. In the following list, the leading 10 nursing programs in California include both private and public educational institutions. Using a methodology that greatly banked on a combination of surveys, peer rankings, feedbacks from local health care providers and program graduate performance on the NCLEX-RN licensure examination, a listing of leading nursing programs was created in the year 2011.

The 10 leading nursing programs are accredited by the California Board of Registered Nursing and also by the California State Board of Education, other educational bodies. Each of the nursing programs provides both bachelor’s degrees, BSN courses, and many render masters level, or MSN degrees in the Science of Nursing. The top 10 schools are the following: No. 10 San Francisco State University (San Francisco), No. 9 San Diego State University (San Diego), No. 8 Samuel Merritt University (Oakland), No. 7 Mount St. Marys College (Los Angeles), No. 6 Loma Linda University (Loma Linda), No. 5 California State University, Los Angeles (Los Angeles), No. 4 University of San Francisco (San Francisco), No. 3 University of San Diego (San Diego), No. 2 University of California, Los Angeles (Los Angeles), and No. 1 University of California, San Francisco (San Francisco).

California is home to a vast range of excellent nursing programs and institutions for those who aspires to become a professional licensed practical nurse. From its wonderful technical institutes to its award-winning community colleges, spare yourself to peruse other sources of information to learn more about these outstanding nursing programs in the state of California.