Southern California Nursing Schools

Nurses are crucial components of all healthcare programs. They assist doctors in delivering quality medical services to patients. They also ensure that the latter’s conditions are being closely monitored. The formal training of nurses starts in schools and Southern California Nursing Schools lead the way in producing the top nurses in the United States.

The Rise Of Top Nursing Schools In Southern California

Nursing institutions are established to fill the need for medical professionals who provide invaluable support wherever there is requirement for healthcare. Since the idea of a nursing school was first conceived in the United Kingdom, this type of medical institution has been put up in many parts of the world. Through the efforts of pioneers like Florence Nightingale, the training program for the nursing profession continuously improved in time.

Nursing schools are playing a crucial role in developing the kind of nurses that can keep up with advancements in medicine. It is of great importance that nurses continue to receive updated skills and training to ensure that they have the competence to carry out their duties. The academe and other medical institutions are the ones who are tasked to initiate these developments.

Southern California Nursing Institutions

In Southern California, there are a number of nursing schools that consistently ranked among the finest institutions of their type in America. Among the 100 nursing programs ranked by the U.S. News and World Rankings, three schools from the area were selected because of their specialization programs and an assortment of degree options.

Placing number 12 in the list is the UCLA School of Nursing. Since 1949, the institution has consistently developed professional nurses who made the institution proud. They offer a B.S. program that enables a student to be a registered nurse after passing the licensure examination. For registered nurses who want to obtain advanced training in their profession like being clinical nurse specialists, a two-year M.S. program is also being offered. For those who like to pursue scholarly work in nursing, a Ph. D. program also awaits them.

The University of San Diego has its own Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science established in 1974. Even though the program is decades younger than what UCLA offers, it has a unique master’s entry program for students who already have a bachelor’s degree in other discipline. On the other hand, the Doctor of Nursing Practice program is intended for individuals who wish to pursue specific specialty on their advance study. There are also schools which offer only two basic degrees such as B.S. and M.S. in Nursing. The Cal State LA School of Nursing offers these two degrees and four selections for nurse practitioner.

Within the nursing profession, every individual can choose the kind of career he or she wants to pursue. It depends on the kind of exposure one decides to take. The various schools only show the path to learning and it is up to the nursing students and nurses to follow where their heart takes them.