Nursing Schools Online Offer Flexible Hours For Continuing Education For Nurses

Nursing Students needing flexible hours that work around their existing schedules find that Nursing Schools Online is the best option. Students can improve their careers and increase their salary potential from the comfort and convenience of their own home since many colleges and universities offering online nursing classes have no requirements for you to attend classes on campus. Some colleges and universities, however, do require some attendance on campus and the allotted time varies, so checking with the school of your choice is recommended.

With the high number of nurses retiring, mostly baby boomers;this is creating a hugeshortage of nurses that increases daily,  and this will potentially create approximately a million open nursing positions, thus creating a high demand for nurses. Students desiring to obtain their Nursing degrees who don’t have time to regularly attend a college or university can still obtain their degree through various online colleges and universities that offer nursing programs.

Several Degree Options With Nursing Schools Online

While there are several online colleges and Universities offering Nursing Programs, Walden University, Kaplan University and University of Phoenix are the top three colleges online that offer nursing programs. At Walden University, students can study to obtain their Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree or Doctoral degree. Walden specializes in post-graduate education and offers an assortment of educational programs on the Master’s level.  Kaplan University offers students a variety of courses including Certificate programs, Associate’s Degree programs, Bachelor’s Degree programs and Master’s Degree programs. The University of Phoenix offers students the option to further their education on campus or online with self-paced programs. The University of Phoenix offers over one hundred degree programs with a staff of approximately twenty thousand employees and two hundred campuses to aid in your success.

Prerequisites To A Degree From Nursing Schools Online

The prerequisites required for obtaining a nursing degree online vary by college and university and should be verified with the school, however, some general requirements for RN to BSN, RN to MSN and MSN degree programs are graduation from an accredited National League of Nursing (NLN) school, an up-to-date RN license and a grade point average (GPA) of 2.5-3.0 in specific prerequisite classes. For BSN programs the requirements are two years of foreign language study in high school, three years of study in math with geometry and algebra II in high school, three years of study in science with biology and chemistry in high school and four years of study in English in high school.

Nursing Schools Online: Additional Requirements

Additional requirements for taking an online nursing program are having steady access to a computer, the Internet and an email address. Each online college or University can inform you of their exact requirements including which browser is required (Mozilla FireFox, Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer), if your PC needs to be IBM compatible, what modem speed is required and if you need Microsoft Office software for your online courses.

Students requiring Financial Aid assistance to attend nursing schools online are often qualified for the same types of financial aid and scholarships as pupils enrolled in traditional classes.