Online Colleges for Nursing

There is a lot of emphasis on deterrent care and growing population of aging generation who in real sense needs more nursing care than young generation. This have resulted in an outstanding growth of opportunities for qualified nurses who posse practicable skills.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it shows that Registered nurses employment will grows faster than expected over the next several years. This is due to:

• Technology advances

• An aging population

• Expected retirements

• Less people going for nursing career

Online nursing colleges can help in acquiring the dreams of well determined individuals at home. Merits of online colleges for nursing:

•          There is a flexibility of pursuing the dreams from home or wherever there is an internet.

•          It encourages critical thinking and communication skills and also addresses technical competencies that are required by today’s health care employers.



It has been assessed and has unique and innovative programs.  Sacred Heart is considered one of the finest nursing programs in the United States for obtaining a Nursing Degree.

It requires 123 credit hours.

It has been recognized by the bodies which governs the nursing educations.

It charges about $500 per credit hour and also provides financial aid.


It has been assessed and is flexible and affordable programs offered.

It requires between 18-24 months completing the program.

It is recognized by bodies governing nursing professions.

It charges about $315 per credit hour and offers financial aid.

For those that like warm (and often quite hot) weather, you won’t find a better state for fun and sun than Florida. The beaches are not too far away and Disney World is less than an hour’s drive.  Employment opportunities among the senior population in Florida are great.


It is one of the highly regarded nursing schools.   

It requires 122 credits to complete the program.

It is recognized by bodies governing nursing professions.

It cost about $797 @ credit hour and financial aid.


It has extremely flexible and low cost online nursing programs.  This advantage of the lower cost is of great value and benefit to many students as it can keep the overall debt load smaller if you are taking out loans to fund your nursing education.

It requires 64 credit hours to complete the program.

It cost $295.30 per credit hour and offered financial aid.

The campus and the area are beautiful (breathtaking might be the right word) as you can see.


It has highly regarded programs.

It requires 30 credit hours to complete the programs.

It costs $685 per credit hour and also offers financial aid.

By comparison to some other schools it is more expensive per credit hour.

There are many cities in the area which will offer graduates many employment opportunities with local hospitals and doctors offices and other.


It is award winning online division and a private university in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Its programs run for 180 quarter credit hour and also allow 133 general elective credits to be transferred in.

It is recognized by bodies governing nursing professions and offers many different nursing degree programs and continuing educational opportunities.

It costs $545 per quarter credit hour and also financial aid and tuition discounts are provided.

The university is just a couple hour’s drive from New York City for those who enjoy the city scene and night life (though Philadelphia has quite a night life itself.)


LPN to BSN programs are offered here.   

Its only programs i.e. LPN to BSN are the only in the country.

It is recognized by bodies governing nursing professions.

Its cost is $282 (residents), $353 (nonresidents) and also offers financial aid.

Even the prices per credit hour for out of state students are very reasonable.

There are many employment opportunities in the area for those who have obtained their nursing license.  For some, this is a top priority.


It is a top public university in research and the largest nursing school.

Kent State’s location in Ohio makes it central for air travel and also offers good employment opportunities after graduation.  However, the out-of-state costs per credit hour are shockingly high, making Kent most apt for those from Ohio.

It is a 122 credit hour degree. And it earn 12 graduate credits through the BSN program

It is recognized by bodies governing nursing professions.

It cost $411 (residents) and $773 (nonresidents) per credit hour and also gives financial aid.


It is an established private university with an outstanding traditional education.

 It has a 32 credit hour program which makes it more limited than some of the other available options for nursing education.

It is recognized by bodies governing nursing professions.

It cost $525 per credit hour and also offers financial aid, though this makes it one of the more expensive options for obtaining a nursing degree.

Saint Peters is a great college for those that prefer the city life–the campus is just minutes from New York City finding its home in New Jersey proper.


It has a reasonable price with a solid track record.

It has a minimum of 45 credit hour programs and up to 6 additional credit hours for work experience.

It is recognized by bodies governing nursing professions.

Make sure you bring your warm sweaters since Anna Maria is all the way North in Paxton Massachusetts and the winters can pack a wallop.



The best online colleges for nursing are evaluated with the following:

  1. Certification

The best online college selected need to be certified by the relevant authorities that are expert on nursing interactions. They include;

  • Fundamental essentials Nationwide Category linked with the Nursing    Qualification Percentage and
  • Percentage School Nursing Schooling

      2.   Delivery Techniques

The delivery on most of the online colleges is the best to consider. There are two techniques to be considered and they include;

  • Synchronous- this is the real time studying.
  • Asynchronous- studying on your own moment.

The synchronous studying will be considered pleasurable specifically for people that prefer it and this applies to asynchronous mode of study.

       3.  Loans end Expenses

In most of the Institutions, educational costs vary substantially. Beside numerous colleges that offer in-state and also out-of-state educational costs prices. All in all, look at the college that offers loan alternatives.

       4.  Support Systems

Support systems that should be offered by online colleges to its nursing students are:

  • Technology support
  • Teachers accessibility
  • Job solutions
  • Advice on internships and shifts

Top ten Online Nursing Colleges (registered Nurse to BSN)

  1. Saint Peter’s College
  2. Kent State University
  3. Indiana State University
  4. Drexel University
  5. University of Illinois
  6. University of Kansas
  7. Seton Hall University
  8. Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences
  9. Anna Maria College
  10. Sacred Heart University

Advantages of online colleges for nursing:

  • No restriction on place of study
  • Any time of study
  • No taking notes
  • Use of technology
  • No dress code
  • Flexible place of study
  • Wide range of course option

Disadvantages of online colleges for nursing:

•          No face to face interaction

•          Self discipline and time management

•          You are alone

•          Technological know how

•          Transfer of credits difficult