Share Your Experience With Others / Write For TNSP was designed to be an informative resource for nurses of all kinds and at all stages in their careers.  If you have been in the field for many years then you understand well that the best way to learn is from the experience of other nurses.

There is no way to replace the real-world experienced gained while at work, but here we hope to bridge the gap as best as possible by helping nurses learn from other nurses.

How Can You Help?

Every year there are hundreds of thousands of nurses around the world who are being trained by nursing schools and who are entering the medical field.  Wouldn’t it be nice if these nurses could benefit from your experience?

1)  Become A Writer For

This is a great way to share your experiences with other nurses.  The topics could be of any sort.  Being a writer for TNSP is not a paid position, however there are many other benefits:

  • Share your experience with other nurses and help train them effectively for a successful career in nursing.
  • Release your creative juices by having an opportunity to write about your lessons learned on the job.
  • Increase your experience and knowledge by writing about different topics related to the field of nursing (or even other topics in the medical industry)
  • Create a powerful addition to your resume by becoming a writer for a prominent healthcare information portal.  This may represent a major step forward in your career by adding “Contributing Author” to your resume.
  • Enjoy an increased level of credibility by becoming one of our contributing authors.
  • Encourage other nurses along as they mature in their career growth.  Everyone struggles at one point or another.  Your writing may be useful for providing encouragement along the way.

What topics could I write about?  There are hundreds of ideas.  You could write about the nursing school that you attended or about a nursing program that you have researched.  You could write about the types of degrees that are available to nurses and why each might be a good idea.  You can write about the lessons that you have learned along the way.  You could write about the mistakes that you have made and teach others to avoid if possible.  The ideas are limitless.  Take a moment to fill out the contact form below if you might have a desire in writing some material that others could benefit from.  (Keep in mind… you don’t have to be perfect!)

2)  Share Your Real World Experiences, Funny Stories, Anecdotes And Any Other ‘Tales From The Land Of Nursing’

This is a great way to share with others in a less formal setting.  You can simply send in your stories and the best will be featured here on our site.  Share your funny story with other nurses and have a good laugh!  =)