Nursing Schools To MD?

This controversial academic issue whether to allow nursing schools to MD or medical degrees has been the subject of varied academic discussions. Recently, this issue has been laid to rest and decided for and in the benefit of medical practitioners because many medical universities now allow nursing schools to MD, provided that the academic requirements will be completed by the student desiring to enroll in the program.

Indeed, this development in our curriculum is admirable considering the importance of this profession to humanity. Besides, this encourages medical practitioners like nurses to continue their quest for education and improve in their craft, because their ambition to become doctors can now have clearer perspective. Besides, through this new development in the medical academe, the cost of medical education is more affordable considering that the subjects which are already taken up in the nursing school can be credited in the medical degree. Although in some medical schools, this curriculum is frowned at, but closer examination on the spirit of this academic program makes medical education more attainable to deserving, but less privileged students.

This also gives more meaning to the medical profession. Let us not forget that the essence of being a nurse or a medical practitioner is synonymous to being a real human being. The responsibility of a nurse carries with her vow of accountability to serve her fellow beings without conditions.

A nurse takes care of any human being regardless of age, cultural race or standing in life. This profession is multi-faceted as it involves the person’s emotional, ethical, psychological and even her spiritual background as person. Therefore, a registered and deserving nurse should be given better academic opportunities by allowing nursing schools to MD.

Intellectual Discussion Whether Nursing Schools To MD Are Allowed

Today there is a serious intellectual discussion whether nursing schools to MD are allowed, or those who are graduates from nursing schools can continue to take up a medical degree program in order to upgrade her studies. This is a very controversial academic issue because many registered and experienced nurses desire to continue their studies from a nursing school to MD or medical degrees. Registered nurses who will qualify for a medical degree are now accepted in varied medical schools provided they will pass the academic requirements.

Today, this is made possible because many medical schools offered medical programs for qualified nurses can easily enter medical schools. Thus, it is now easy for a registered nurse from a nursing school to MD. Academically, this is acceptable considering the fact that a nursing course is actually a preparatory course to a medical degree. Therefore, if a registered and an experienced nurse enroll in a medical degree it is just a continuity of her knowledge in the medical profession.

Any medical degree student who completed his nursing degree will also be more academically advantaged because an experienced nurse who will enter a medical school will be more efficient in this field of study. Yes, entering into a medical school is highly competitive for aspiring medical students. Usually, requirements start with the basic entrance examinations. Medical students also have to complete the academically accepted coursework for medical schools of preparatory subjects which can be completed in any four year college prior to your medical degree.

In most medical universities, a registered nurse will have to take an admission test and get the required score to be allowed to enroll directly from a nursing school to MD or a medical degree. There is also a requirement for experience as a practitioner before a graduate from a nursing school to MD will be allowed.